Cups Catering

Cups catering is a new selection to our menu, but sure isn’t our last. View our Menu’s below:
3 savouy cups is a substantial serving per person. 1 sweet cup is a substantial dessert per person.
cups catering is a healthy, wholesome and a fantastic choice for catering.


cups_7  cups_5   cups_2 cups_1

Hot and savoury

$5.50 per cup


Parsley and garlic mashed potato with wild mushrooms and pepper sauce V GF

Couscous and Mediterranean veg with Moroccan sauce V

Jasmin rice and laksa seafood GF

Quinoa and chicken with a clear coriander sauce GF

Cold and savoury

$5.50 per cup


3 bean salad v GF

Vermicelli and prawn GF

Pasta and pesto salad V

Chick pea and skhug V GF

Hot and sweet

$7.50 per cup


Quinoa and Rice pudding with blueberries and white chocolate GF

Sticky date pudding with butter scotch sauce

Chocolate pudding GF

Cold and sweet

$6.50 per cup



Belgian chocolate mousse GF

Panacotta and dried fruit GF